Sunday, June 26, 2011

Battling it out for the heater

Who would have thought I would have to compete for my heater with Mr Charcoal?
I mean...Come on!  He's only 11 years old, blind and suffering arthritis, has no energy, suffers from dementia, needs to be showered every day, blow dried, brushed and groomed, needs a new towel in his beloved box daily, lots of cuddles and has to be rolled over so he doesn't get sore because once he flops down in this position, he can't get back up again. *sigh*

But it's MY heater! ;D

He does look very content though, doesn't he.

He was trying to get to this spot in the sun, but he doesn't cope very well with the floorboards.  They're too slippery.  I had to put him on this towel so he could enjoy his morning sun and avoid any 'accidents' (he is a little incontinent too these days).  Now this Human Bunny needs to keep an eye on her charge so that he doesn't overcook.  That wouldn't be so good.

What a life to lead!

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