Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update on Lochgary Lamb

Well, looks like Lochgary Lamb is permanently at Winston Hills, which I am very happy about. I have to stock up my freezer again :)

They have amended their website, and now have a 1/4 lamb option for $48, if you're worried about purchasing a bigger box without testing first.

A few other options available now too.

Can I just say now, that the rack of lamb I got in my box was FANTASTIC. I did a herb crusted lamb rack, and it turned out absolutely mouthwatering (no, they don't pay me to say any of this lol).

I'm heading back next Friday to purchase another 1/2 lamb box - $95.00.

Handmade Soap

I found a fantastic easy recipe to make soap. The hard work with the caustic soda is already done, because the Lux soap flakes have already gone through that process, but the result isn't bad.

4 cups Lux soap flakes (with the washing machine powder in your Stoopidmarket)
1 cup milk (cows or goats)
1/2 cup powdered milk
Oils etc for fragrance (we used 1 tsp scented Apple oil per cup of Lux flakes)

Spray your soap moulds with spray cooking oil to prevent the soap from sticking.

Measure out 4 cups Lux Soap Flakes. Measure out about 1 cup milk (You'll add this as needed, you may not use it all, or you may need to add a bit more). Add 1/2 cup milk to the Lux Flakes and begin stirring on a low heat (we used a saucepan directly on low heat, but if you're worried about burning it, use a double boiler). It if looks dry, add more milk and so on, until all the Lux Flakes are melted.

Keep stirring until it begins to look like soft mashed potatoes. It may also look lumpy. Add about 1/2 cup powdered milk - the secret ingredient! The powdered milk will make the mixture very smooth and easy to pour.

It's now that we added our Apple scented oil. You can also add colour at this stage (if you want to - we didn't). When all is done, pour into your mould (it will set quickly), and leave it overnight or until dry. Remove them once they're dry and cure them for 1 week on a drying rack (we used a large biscuit rack).

The soap isn't a very 'bubbly' kind, but is absolutely perfect for washing hands. I am doing a trial and so far, it hasn't left my hands dry, they smell nice from the milky apple scent, and the creamy coloured bar looks really pretty in my bathroom, with the other cream coloured ceramic items I have in there :)

It's a fairly cheap way of making soap too. We did this as a family so we could see how easy this recipe could be, before we tried the caustic soda type (don't have kids around for that.

August Storage

I found a Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar compiled by Andrea Chapman, which again is American and has totally different measurements and storage options than what we have Down Under, but you get the general idea. I love how they stress the need to store water.

Week 1: 25# Rice
35# sugar
1 #10 can instant potatoes
5 (kilos) salt

Week 2: 1 case tuna or salmon or other meat
2 #10 cans dry milk (powdered milk?)

Week 3: 2 #10 cans dry milk
2 cans shortening (I would store olive oil here)
1 #10 can instant potatoes

Week 4 Looooots of cans of fruit
5 kilos salt

Seems like a lot, but this is if you are still just starting out. I have to confess, I am going a little slower. I like to make sure I have space to store my food, and enough storage containers to avoid rodents etc getting to my food.

Andrea Chapman says at the top of her calendar:-

"If you are just starting out, this calendar can be used any year. Just start with the current month's items.

We have tried to keep the costs down to between $25 and $35 per week. This might seem rather costly, but if you want to build a good food storage in only one year, it will cost you more each week than if you spread out acquiring it over several years. Be certain to buy only items your family will use, and rotate and use the items in your storage throughout the year. Milk is an expensive item and prices keep soaring, so you might need to invest in a bit higher food storage bill to buy it right now.

It is vital to get water storage. If you don't have water, you will not be able to use many of the foods you have that are dehydrated or require water to cook. Many times in natural disasters, the electricity goes down and you will not be able to access your water. Sometimes the water is contaminated from flooding and cross-contamination from sewage. You will need water, at very least, you will need 3 days worth."

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark"

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

I've heard all kinds of scary things lately - Nostradamus predictions, Myan Calendar doom and gloom, comets could crash, meteorites hurtling through space etc. We're obviously on a collision course for disaster!! But then again, haven't we always been?

It doesn't phase me though, rather just makes me more determined to get my stuff sorted out.

A little while ago I printed out an emergency preparedness calendar from The Idea Door titled "It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark". The Idea Door has had a few problems recently, and this calendar isn't available at present. Lucky I was prepared, and had printed it out ;)

August hints are as follows:-
"For the moment we live in a day of peace, but is shall not ever be thus. Great trials lie ahead...and we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually. - Bruce R. McConkie.

Spiritual Goal: Have family home evenings with your family every Monday night.

Priesthood Provident Living Goal: Learn to preserve food in a way that you haven't tried before. Make sure your children receive blessings before school starts.

Storage Goal: 100 quarts fruit and/or vegetables per person
24 pints jam or jelly per person
School supplies
Pet supplies

72 Hour Kit: 1 can tuna and 1 can pork and beans per person
1/2 lb dried milk or 6 shelf-safe milk containers per person
2 packets hot chocolate mix and 2 cup instant soup packets per person
Disposable plates, cups, bowls and silverware
Pet supplies - be sure to include dishes, leash and extra water
$25 cash.

I really do love this idea. We do have slightly different measurements in Australia, and I guess the whole point is that so long as you are doing SOMETHING with your food storage, as well as other areas, then that's a good thing.

I have also been following another Emergency Preparedness plan, but I'll include details of that in a different post. Soooo many to choose from on the net these days.