Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please Mum, Can I Have a Lego Cake?

A Whaaaaaat???

So I came up with this.  I did leave it to the last minute to bake and throw together, so here's what I did in 2 hours (including baking time):-

 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla cake with strawberry swirls.

 I went with Orchard Icing.  I bought two packs, but should have gone with three.  I was so rusty on my cake decorating skills!!

 I didn't have any colouring paste, so I had to make do with some extra icing sugar and liquid colour.  It worked just as well.

 I cut the cakes like this...

To get this.  Lego pieces!  You do need to brush the cakes with runny jam (for vanilla ones) and a chocolatey drinking powder mix for chocolate cakes otherwise the icing doesn't stick.  I was really lazy with the yellow and red blocks and didn't do that.  Silly me - I should have known better!  But I did with the blue cake (a chocolate one) and it was so much easier.

I used the screw on end of a piping nozzle (not the actual nozzles themselves though) to cut out the circles.  I guess it looked like a mini scone cutter.

If I was more patient, I would have let the cakes sit for a bit more, smoothed the icing out more, and possibly allowed some more time (not to mention the jam!!) but I had to get the kids from school and then it was on.

Needless to say, my son loved it anyway :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Show Scones With Jam and Cream

These scones are my husband's absolute favourite.  He devours them whenever I make them.  They do have to be eaten on the day, and preferably once they hit the 'just cool' stage.

I made this batch for my children to enjoy as an afternoon snack.


I used:-
- 4 cups Self Raising flour
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 250 mls cream (you should use pouring cream, but I used the remainder of whatever I had purchased from Aldi)
- Up to 400 mls milk (add carefully)

Mix all these ingredients lightly.  I usually use a big bowl and a butter knife for really light results, but this time I used the Thermomix on a gentle mix until all ingredients were combined.

Knead lightly on a floured surface, roll until 2-3 cms thick.  Cut with scone cutters and place on tray.

Brush with a little milk and into a hot oven they go for approx 12 mins or until golden and risen.

Serve with butter hot, or with jam and cream when cooled.

I adore these with the Morello Cherry jam from Aldi.  It has just the right tartness for my liking with the sweetened cream I make.