Monday, January 9, 2012

Slim Pickings

Still enjoying the school holidays here!  I am continuing my Summer clean, and went through the things at the top of my built in wardrobes in my bedroom yesterday.  I was surprised.  I thought there was more.  Turns out the entire top shelf is empty. :D

So out to the garden I went.  To potter around.  My favourite thing to do.  I noticed that the top of a carrot was sticking up out of the ground, and it looked about the right size.  So I pulled it up, and this is what I got...
 Oh Mother Nature, you have a wicked sense of humour!

It did look like a really nice carrot from the top, but unfortunately there wasn't much to it.  We ate it with some other store-bought carrots for dinner as the other ones in the garden aren't ready.

 Something in my potato box smelled a little on the nose.  I had bought a big 4 kg bag of potatoes 2 weeks ago, and I figured it was at least one of those gone bad.  I hadn't even opened the bag!

I tipped the entire bag in the sink and started washing them.
 In the drainer to dry, then I patted them completely dry with an old tea-towel.
One of the smelly offenders.  Turns out there were three of them.  Now I have to use the rest of the bag up fairly quickly.  Good thing I have a book full of potato recipes :D

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