Saturday, August 1, 2009

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark"

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

I've heard all kinds of scary things lately - Nostradamus predictions, Myan Calendar doom and gloom, comets could crash, meteorites hurtling through space etc. We're obviously on a collision course for disaster!! But then again, haven't we always been?

It doesn't phase me though, rather just makes me more determined to get my stuff sorted out.

A little while ago I printed out an emergency preparedness calendar from The Idea Door titled "It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark". The Idea Door has had a few problems recently, and this calendar isn't available at present. Lucky I was prepared, and had printed it out ;)

August hints are as follows:-
"For the moment we live in a day of peace, but is shall not ever be thus. Great trials lie ahead...and we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually. - Bruce R. McConkie.

Spiritual Goal: Have family home evenings with your family every Monday night.

Priesthood Provident Living Goal: Learn to preserve food in a way that you haven't tried before. Make sure your children receive blessings before school starts.

Storage Goal: 100 quarts fruit and/or vegetables per person
24 pints jam or jelly per person
School supplies
Pet supplies

72 Hour Kit: 1 can tuna and 1 can pork and beans per person
1/2 lb dried milk or 6 shelf-safe milk containers per person
2 packets hot chocolate mix and 2 cup instant soup packets per person
Disposable plates, cups, bowls and silverware
Pet supplies - be sure to include dishes, leash and extra water
$25 cash.

I really do love this idea. We do have slightly different measurements in Australia, and I guess the whole point is that so long as you are doing SOMETHING with your food storage, as well as other areas, then that's a good thing.

I have also been following another Emergency Preparedness plan, but I'll include details of that in a different post. Soooo many to choose from on the net these days.

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