Monday, January 31, 2011

February Challenge - Toilet paper

This month's challenge is to store at least 2 weeks worth of toilet paper. In an emergency situation, this is not something I particularly want to go without. An unused roll can double up as tissues, paper towels and I have even heard of people using clean toilet paper rolls (with the paper on of course) to apply pressure to wounds to stem bleeding - I guess that was all they had available.

There are some alternatives. I've heard of "wee wipes" (instead of using toilet paper for 'number 1's', you use small square cloths made from terry toweling or other spare soft cloth you have around). I'm not game enough for those, and the emergency situations I'm thinking off - I'm not quite sure if I'd have the water spare to wash them. Bit of a delicate situation, isn't it!

If you already have two weeks worth, perhaps challenge yourself further and, if you have the space, store 4 weeks worth.
Perhaps also think (not for very long through - lol) about how your family would manage if you weren't able to use your toilets. Emergency situations for toilet happenings don't always need to be in the form of a big natural disaster. We had tree roots get into our pipes on the nature strip resulting in us not being able to flush the toilet for a few days. That wasn't so bad for us, but the plumber advised me there are worse scenarios where sewer water has backed up and overflowed in the bathrooms. Eek!
If you do a lot of camping, you may have a camping toilet. Perhaps you have some cheap 'almost disposable' buckets that could be used as chamber pots at a time of need.
Okay, enough grossness for one day ;D Time to water the garden before my 'eating plants' shrivel up.

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