Monday, January 2, 2012

Garden Pickings, garden visitors and a sunburnt Hubby

Time is just flying by faster and faster, I tell you!  We've been having some fun here in the garden, and visiting family.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and a fantastic New Year Celebration!

One 'normal' zucchini and one variegated one that my daughter was very impressed with.

 Purple King Beans fresh from the garden.

 Miss Smokey escaped for 2 mins, and rather than head for the garden and demolishing the carrots, she decided to dig a very deep burrow.  She must have worn herself out digging that hole, because she wasn't as difficult to catch as she normally is! ;D
 My solution to keeping the sparrows away from my lettuce, Bok Choy and rocket - a bird cage I rescued in a Council Clean up.  It has certainly come in handy!  I use it on occasions if I need to isolate a bunny for medical treatment.  Thankfully that doesn't happen often.

 A Blue Tongue Lizard ventured into our garden last week.  I hope it sticks around. It is a very welcome sight here!

 The sun about to rise in Port Macquarie.  This was at 5:40am, 4 mins until the sun was scheduled to rise.

 And there's the sun, just peeping behind the clouds.  We could see the remains of Tropical Cyclone Grant, but I'll put that in another post.

 My Parents-In-Law's visitor - a male Bluey looking for their resident female.  He was munching on lettuce my Mother-in-Law was putting in front of him.  He was a really fat, healthy looking lizard who wasn't afraid of us at all.  He probably would have eaten out of our hand.  We wondered if he was the tomato eating culprit.  Two days later we found out that he was :D

A Silly Billy who decided not to take his rash vest to the beach the morning of our departure from Port Macquarie, despite me telling him I would get it for him and it would take 2 minutes "But we're not swimming, we're just going to dig in the sand".  Yeah right, how can you just dig in the sand when you have two children already in their swimmers and sunscreen applied ;D  He has been a very sore and sorry husband since we got back from Port.


  1. Such great spoils from your garden Di and it looks like you've all had a great holiday so far. Hope hubby's sunburn heals up quickly.

  2. Thanks Peta :D It was a wonderful break. Hubby is truly a goose sometimes but thankfully he is much better than he was. It is taking a long time to heal. I hope this year is a great one for you!