Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 5 of the 2011 Food Storage Challenge

Week 5 $10 challenge

2 can tomato soup, 2 kg powdered milk

Week 5 $20 challenge

4 cans tomato soup, 4 kg powdered milk


So why are we storing more soup? Soup is versatile when it comes to food storage. It doesn't take much to prepare (make sure you store extra water), you can add other things to it such as pasta, vegetables, meat, fish etc. Of course, if you don't like tomato soup, store another type of soup. You could even store pasta sauce. I like to store tomato paste instead. You can get little tins of tomato paste from Aldi quite cheaply.

Powdered Milk

Powdered milk isn't particularly pleasant on its own, but in an emergency situation, is a great source of calcium. I have posted some ways to use powdered milk previously on my blog here: You can disguise the taste by adding drinking chocolate or Milo or any other flavour. My bread maker recipes call for powdered milk, so I always have some in my pantry cupboard.

If you don't wish to store so much powdered milk, store alternatives such as evaporated milk, coconut milk, even sweetened condensed milk (probably not for drinking though). There are alternatives out there such as rice milk as well.


  1. I grew up drinking canned milk and powdered milk, so I don't regard it as being unpleasant. Just different. I don't expect it to taste to like milk from the store, or even like raw milk. My hubby thanks it's nasty tasting even though, if he's honest, he's never actually drank any!

    My grandmother used to make "fancy" milk for when company came over using instant milk powder, salt and a hint of vanilla. Delicious!

    Instead of cream for putting on fruit, we would take a can of milk, add a half can of water, and a teaspoon of sugar.

    We always used powdered milk with coffee, and canned milk with tea.

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