Friday, January 20, 2012

Would you believe cleaning one room could take all day?

Well, it did.  My daughter's room definitely needed a thorough clean, and one I was procrastinating because I knew how big a job it would be.  She keeps absolutely everything!  I go through her stuff every holiday and I suspect she rescues things out of the bin.  She also is a typical little girl and likes to cut up little bits of paper everywhere, put stickers on everything and 'decorate' everything.

 I found all the paraphernalia on the floor stuffed in her cupboard.  I didn't get to take a photo of all the dirty clothes she had stuffed in there too.  We didn't want any underwear photos ;D

 This was after we removed most of the stuff from off her bed.  But there was more hiding underneath!

 So now there is one box for odd toys

 and one box for her school 'stuff' that she wants to keep, as well as paper and pencils for her art and craft.

 We went through every shelf in her cupboards.  She certainly helped too - this was not a job I was doing on my own :D

 We cleared off the bookshelf, put aside books she will never read, cleaned it up and put the books back on in order

 She even made her bed!  Hooray!!

 I mended my Nana's desk that Jacki managed to knock over somehow.  Not entirely her fault - she did make it a bit top heavy though and was very apologetic when it came crashing down. I'm just glad it didn't end up on top of her!


 Tidy - we even vacuumed all the slats on the doors.  I still have to fix up those cupboard door handles...but I'm hoping to replace those built in wardrobes with new ones at some point this year anyway.  So I can procrastinate that a bit longer.

A 'Princess' bed, and a tidy bookshelf.

I'm not expecting a spotless room, but things needs to be able to have a place to live - instead of 'hiding' under the bed'.  After all, her toys are upstairs. I have no idea how her bedroom manages to get so messy! Must be the paper fairies...


  1. Looking good! Also love the bedspread! Fit for a princess! Now to keep it relatively clean!

    Aunty S

  2. When I peeked in this afternoon, it was back to being a big ole mess again. *sigh* another job for the weekend. Sending you calm happy thoughts and hoping you get a good nights sleep tonight!