Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's that smell?

There is something very dead in my garage. Or under the concrete slab. I'm not sure which, but my kids blamed their father (aren't they delightful!) when the smell first arrived, but after a few hours realised something wasn't quite right. Something was really bad!

We had organised the house and garden to be sprayed a few days prior to the 'smell'. They used bunny and child friendly stuff outside (and inside) but as I do have lots of rabbits, they put some bait and sprayed where they could under the garage. I'm hoping it isn't the blue tongue lizard. Whatever it is really reeks.

It took me on a trip down memory lane. A terrible memory really. For an entire week when I was working as a legal secretary, we could smell this rotten meat smell in my kitchen. Could not for the life of me find where it was coming from, but it was rank!

About a week later I opened the door of the microwave to re-heat something (we don't use it very often), and I found a couple of decaying steaks. The week prior, my husband had decided he was going to be really nice and get dinner ready so I didn't have to worry about it when I got home from work. I guess he got sidetracked.

His punishment was to dispose of the steak. I was too busy gagging.

Ever had a funny 'bad smell' story you'd like to share?

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  1. The worst smell of this type I have ever encountered was when I was working as cleaning staff at a high school. During the summer vacation, we would take the opportunity to do an in-depth cleaning we didn't have the opportunity to do during the school year.

    When we go to the science labs after 4 weeks cleaning the boys and girls gym lockers (yes, it took that long), we quickly discovered we should have done the labs first.

    To save money, the electricity is shut off in the areas of the school we were not working in, and the science teachers had not cleaned out the freezers with the dissection samples (bovine eyes, some calf embryos, etc) in them. Even with a mask, I wasn't able to get any closer to the lab than the door. All I can tell you is that vomiting in a mask is a very bad thing.

    The second worst smell was waking up to the smell of skunk-sprayed dog outside the bedroom window. It was the neighbour's dog, and the poor fellow was gagging and drooling as he struggled to get home.