Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 7 of the 2011 Food Storage Challenge

$10 Challenge
3 large cans baked beans (or spaghetti)

$20 Challenge
3 large cans baked beans, 2 large cans spaghetti

The whole point of this weeks challenge is to store something that is quick and easy to get ready in any emergency situation (you can even eat them cold if needs be), and you can use them in your everyday cooking to use them up as well.

Baked beans are a good source of fibre (legumes, of course, are good for you). They're a low GI food and are a fairly decent source of folate (28% of the Recommended Daily Intake) and iron (22% of the RDI).

If you're not too keen on baked beans, by all means store something else. Most of my family are not keen on them, so I store more spaghetti and things like canned ravioli with sauce.

You used to be able to purchase big cans of these (the size of those large fruit cans - 825 grams). That's the size we're after here, so that one can will feed your family one meal - depending on the size of your family, of course. I'm going to purchase extra of the smaller size cans if I can't find those big ones.

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