Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 2011 Challenge

Have you got working torches, and do you know where your spare batteries are?

Purchase a good torch, some candles, a box or two of matches and batteries if you need them.

Keep a small torch in an easy to get to place (mine is on top of my fridge), so that if there is a blackout at night, you can head straight for that torch.

We have had so many blackouts due to our strangely wired house, and my children freak out if the power is out for too long.  I keep a dolphin torch on top of my fridge which my husband takes outside so he can turn the power back on.  We have a smaller torch on top of my writing desk, with nothing that will get damaged if I accidently knock it over in the dark.

We have a wind up torch/radio that I purchased a few years ago in case we have a nasty storm and lose power for a week (which is what happened last time).

I have a storage container on top of my kitchen cupboards that is labelled 'torches and candles'.  It contains torches, batteries and various candles and candle holders so that if I know we are going to be without power for a little while, I can pull it down and use what I need.  It has certainly come in handy when I have needed it.

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  1. I like torches and we use ours all the time. I am thinking of getting more with some good batteries for the wet season, and then using those batteries up during the dry. We normally use rechargeables but would like more backups, just in case :)