Thursday, September 1, 2011

A week of tree pain...

Tree lopping is just not my thing.  I simply don't have the arm or back strength to carry it out...that's why I usually pay my gardening guys to do it. But if I want to go away on holidays in October, I need to do this myself.  Eek!

 Here's what I managed to cut all by myself.  It is the correct size to go either in the green bin, or to be bundled and put out for the next Council Clean up.  Either way, it's ready to go!

 What is left to go.  There is still about 1/4 of these 4 trees left to go.  I trimmed some from each tree, mainly so I wouldn't be dropping great big branches on to my neighbour's veggie patch.  I don't think they'd be impressed with that!

 Oh dear, the end of our pergola has collapsed.  That's the second reason why I needed to get rid of these trees.  The first was because they're starting to die, and I don't want termites invading, thank you very much!

More branches to be cut up into size.  This lot of branches attacked me.  Worse than bunny scratches!  And no, I didn't chop these trees down with gloves on.  I thought I'd be brave and 'get closer to nature'. That, and I can't use my pruning chopper tools (awesome, they are!!) with gloves on.  I'm more likely to drop them on my foot, and that wouldn't be so great.

So why isn't Phil chopping these down you ask?  Simply because the last 3 times I have let him loose in the garden, he has managed to nearly slice his thumb off (and I am not good with all!!!). He needs his thumbs.  For programming.  For the space bar.  Meh, he needs his thumbs *.*

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