Friday, April 3, 2009

$150 Challenge

Hubby and I were discussing what would happen if we were to not have an extra $150 each week, ie it would be spent on something else, like rent.

We decided to try it and see if we would actually be able to handle it. Then use that $150 where we see fit, either to save for something I need before things get tougher, or to put onto credit cards.

We're only on the second week of this challenge so far, and it has been successful.

There was an emergency at the end of last week and I was very glad I had that cash on hand, but I would have been able to get it from another source if needed.

This week I have another $150 set aside, hiding this time. Out of sight, out of mind! I think this week's $150 will go towards our holiday next week. A night out to a romantic dinner with hubby sounds like a wonderful idea.

We did the $150 challenge, because that's how much we'll end up being out of pocket for if circumstances change, but you could do a $50 a week challenge, and set that aside for whatever you want.

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