Monday, January 24, 2011

Penrith Valley Oranges - orange picking

In 2009 we went orange picking at the "pick your own" orchard at Penrith Valley Oranges. It was a fantastic experience for my children to see what is involved in growing and picking fruit. In the shed at Penrith Valley Oranges is a conveyor belt where the oranges are sorted and waxed. One of the owners, Lauren Hartog, showed us how the oranges are sorted into size, given a light coating of wax to make them look shiny but to keep them fresher for longer, and how they are boxed ready to be sold.
They were Naval oranges, and I have to say, I'm not a big orange fan usually but they were the sweetest tasting oranges I have ever had!
Someone looking pleased with the size and look of the fruit!
At Penrith Valley Oranges, you pay for what you pick. We picked a couple of bags of fruit and purchased a few boxes from the shed as well. My kids didn't always end up picking overly ripe fruit, but it was a great lesson for them, and we paid for absolutely everything we picked.
Unfortunately, due to bats and other costs, Penrith Valley Oranges were unable to open for picking to the public last year. I hope they have a better year this year because I'd really love to go with my family again. October is the best month for oranges where I am.

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