Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree Bark

Another very simple, yet effective table decoration that people can nibble away at:-

2 x 180g blocks good quality cooking chocolate (white, milk or dark).
Lollies (ie crushed clinkers, crushed candy canes, M&Ms etc.

To break up the clinkers, I placed them in a large snap lock bag, sealed it up, and took out all my pent up frustrations on the bag with a rolling pin. Works wonders ;D

1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave on a MEDIUM-HIGH setting until melted (only use a metal spoon, and don't put the metal spoon in the microwave)
2. Add in your lollies, mix.
3. Spread out on a BIG piece of greaseproof paper. Leave until set.

You may have to refrigerate this, depending on what chocolate you use, and what the weather is like.

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