Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Himalayan Looking Havana Baby Bunnies

Oops, our female bunny (Pepper) was pregnant when we adopted her. The problem was that we didn't know she was! She hadn't been separated early enough from her brother prior to them coming to live with us, and she wasn't showing any signs at all. Mother bunnies are supposed to start ripping their fur out from their front at least a couple of days prior to their kittens being born, and to start nesting. Apparently they can get moody too. Nope, not Pepper. She loved cuddles, loved being upside down on our laps getting lots of attention so imagine my great surprise when I found this...Hello little bunnies!
A two day old bunny. This is the day they grow fur. They are born with teeth and their eyes remain closed. On the subject of picking them up, if the mother rabbit is familiar with your scent and is tame enough, she won't mind you handling her babies. At least, ours didn't. She seemed to like all the attention!
Getting curious. Bunnies are about 1 week old here. Their eyes will open after 2 weeks.

Bunnies are about a week and a half here. They grow so fast, and are so fat! Means Mummy Bunny is doing a good job.
Just small enough to fit in one hand.

Two of these bunnies were boys, and one a girl. We found a good home for the two boys, and kept Pepper's daughter, 'Checkers', who is just as delightful. The two have formed a bond and are so lovely to watch. It has been a wonderful opportunity for my children to see this life cycle and how quickly they grow.


  1. Well that's just about as gorgeous as you can get. They are adorable.

  2. hi can anyone help me my rabbit has had babys and iam not sure how old they are the have teath already i dont know if there born with teath so can some one let me know