Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

What do you have growing in your garden?
Jacki's sunflower

We're trying to establish some "eating plants". At least that is what my kids call them.

We have a lot of concrete, and are growing things mostly in pots.

We have some lettuce, spring onions and silverbeet seedlings coming up. Have to keep the giant slugs away from them though. Those slugs are gigantic, and it doesn't help when you have a daughter who loves to make them 'pets' and give them food and water. Just makes the rotten slugs more determined.

I have potatoes, sweet potatoes and an assortment of herbs growing. There are so many other things I could plant besides potatoes, but we use the ones that have gone soft and are starting to grow in my potato box (Phil made it for me), and the kids can't really go wrong planting potatoes. Keeps them busy and helps them understand where their food comes from.
We have silverbeet. I call it silverbeet because that's what it said on the packet, but I believe it's also the same thing as spinach? Or at least in the same family. The kids don't know it's a spinachy thing yet and are quite happily watering it and watching it grow :D

Minature beetroot in a pot

Strawberries are so easy to grow in the right position. We have chicken wire around our most prolific strawberries to keep the birds and blue tongue lizards away. Jacki picked all the red strawberries this morning, so here are some she is keeping her eye on.

I love to use fresh herbs in things, especially lots of fresh herb butter on turkish bread lightly grilled. The herbs we have growing in pots are oregano, basil, sage, mint, I think we have an apple mint but I have to check exactly what it is. It was given to us along with another herb I don't use which is probably in the aniseed family, but it's not dill and it's not a herb that my parents grew in their herb garden, so I don't recognise it.

I have two varieties of lavender growing along my retaining wall. I love lavender in the garden, but I don't use it to fragrance anything. I think I've been around lavender for too long and these days it reminds me of toilet air freshener (ewwwww). I much prefer the scent of Lillies and frangipanis.

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