Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Old Friend

This is Charcoal. He is an 11 year old french lop. Really, I can't believe he is still alive, as rabbits are only supposed to live between 8 to 10 years old. He is incredibly loved and rather spoilt.

I think he has arthritis in his back, as he doesn't stand up on his hind legs anymore like younger bunnies do, and he hops around rather slowly. The vet assures me he is definitely still kicking and who knows when his time will be up.
Sometimes he is a house bunny but most of the time I keep him in his hutch outside. He is allowed to hop around out there in an enclosed area (away from my veggie patch) but he is a bit messy, and Phillip likes to accidentally leave the gate open sometimes. Oops - had a bunny ambling down our driveway last time.
Rabbits can be toilet trained, but they're still a little messy if they're not neutered. Not as messy or as smelly as a cat though! I don't think I could have one of my younger bunnies in the house full time though as they tend to like to taste and chew things. Charcoal will hop around and say hello, then go back to his beloved box or 'his' corner of the kitchen and flop on his side.

"My, what big feet you have" - Charcoal checking out my son's feet.

Charcoal's Box. The problem we have is taking the towel away to clean it, and replacing it with a clean towel. His Highness throws a royal tantrum when we do, stamps his feet and waggles his ears to let us know of his displeasure.


  1. Thank you Jane. He really is a delightful little fellow.