Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Potted plants and visitors

It is so pleasant being out and about in the garden just as the sun is coming up. Phillip had already left for work this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep as the birds were so noisy (and my daughter had run down the hallway yelling "Daddy, Daddy, you didn't say goodbye to me") so that was that, and up I got.

Staked tomato plants near my back door

Basil growing happily in a pot

A struggling apple cucumber. Who would have thought this one would survive when my other one died? If only I can keep the bunnies away from it now.

One wascally wabbit. His name is Storm, and he is 11 weeks old tomorrow. There are 7 others! At the moment he is all by himself in that big hutch. The girls are in a separate hutch of their own, and I have two more hutches housing the other boys. We don't want more babies!

My neighbour has visitors at least twice every day who sit outside his back door and squawk at him for food. They get in a bit of a huff if he isn't fast enough!

My frangipani tree hanging over the pool is a beautiful sight at this time of year. The only problem is the flowers and leaves dropping into the pool, but at least it provides shade and a beautiful perfume.

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  1. Gorgeous frangipani. (We don't have them here in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.)