Saturday, February 12, 2011

Himalayan Looking Havana Bunnies Part 2

Still little enough to fit in one hand.
These little critters won our hearts rather quickly. They were loved from the start, and I think they knew it. They had very sweet natured personalities, and were naturally affectionate bunnies. I have to say though, this was their cutest age(2 1/2 weeks old here).

This was a common sight. I found it amusing that the bunnies liked to be on my husband's shoulders. They seemed to really like snuggling into his neck too. Such big softies!

Did you know bunnies can be quite good at playing dead? Actually it's because when they drink milk from mum, they drink upside down, like this. They seem to go into a trance and can be handled quite well. (3 weeks old here)

See no, hear no, speak no evil

Last photo on these little ones. Here's Checkers three weeks later (at 6 weeks old). Look how big she had grown!
These days of course, she is a normal size bunny, but still gentle and sweet natured and very loved.

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