Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phone Scammer Warning - 'Solar Professional'

I thought I'd put this out there just in case this 'company' is targeting anyone else.

I received a call from an (Indian sounding) lady at first claiming to be from the Federal Government, then a company that works for the Federal Government. She said I was entitled to thousands of dollars worth of rebates on solar panels. Did I want to go ahead and install them? I smelled a rat. I was more interested in why on earth the Federal Government might be wasting money calling people when money could be spent elsewhere (recent floods and a cyclone came to mind). I asked where this lady was calling from. She was trying to say "Parramatta", then "North Parramatta" then settled on "George Street, Parramatta". I said her number coming up was NOT a Parramatta number. She said "But our head office is in Melbourne". She tried to push the fact again that I could get all this money back. I questioned her again on how valid her company was. She told me I was an idiot!

I informed her the call was being recorded. She hung up pronto.

Further research has led me to find out that this was a scam phone call, that 'Solar Professional' is not an Australian company , certainly have nothing to do with our Government, and that they are not to be confused with 'Solar Pro', a magazine about solar power (legitimate).

Be wary of phone scammers. They can be quite convincing when they want to be!

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