Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 21 of the 2011 Food Storage Challenge

$10 Challenge
Store 2 kgs sugar and stock (cubes, liquid or powder)

$20 Challenge
Store 4 kgs sugar and stock (cubes, liquid or powder)

Just to clarify, we're not storing 2 kgs or 4 kgs of stock...only sugar.  You can store as much of the stock as you like.

This is the last of the sugar we are storing for this particular challenge.  It is about to go up in price due to the floods in Qld. Just on a side note, I wrote the entire challenge out at the beginning of the year in full - it's coincidental but interesting however this has all panned out.

You are welcome to store more than what is required in this challenge if you wish.    This is a simply a minimum recommendation.

Why are we storing this?  Mainly to provide more variety to what could perhaps be a bland food storage diet.  You can add stock to rice or pasta to alter the flavour.  Add it to instant potato, to stews and soups, to lentils when you soak them, to 2 minute noodles if you have lost the flavouring sachet, even in savoury mince.

Stock cubes will last the longest of these three, and that is mainly what I store.  Can't live without the bacon ones!  Even used them in an Irish Stew we had last night with dumplings.  Mmmmm (slow cooked in the oven for 4 hours)!

If you don't want to store stock though, store another kind of seasoning - soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, herbs or spices - whatever flavouring you would mainly use and eat apart from salt.

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