Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bunnies Behaving...and a nice end to the day

On Tuesday I let Storm hop around for the afternoon.  It isn't good for him to be cooped up in his hutch all the time, and this is how he learns what he is allowed to do, and what he definitely cannot do.
 He is allowed to eat food we give him

 He can choose to ignore us when we give him yummy things especially if he is trying to find a nice cool spot to relax in.

 He is not allowed to sit his big fat furry behind in my pot plants just like his father used to!

 He is allowed to hop around my feet in circles showing me he loves me, even though it makes me very dizzy.


 He is allowed to be a very sociable bunny, and allow us to give him lots of cuddles, so long as we don't pick him up ;D
This was a gorgeous sunset we enjoyed.  It was more vibrant than this, with a little more orange, but my camera didn't pick it up, sadly.  Once the sun starts setting, boy does it set really quickly!

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