Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gardening With Some Hopping Help

Just before the rain hit, I decided to clear out a corner of my garden that has been bugging me for about 6 months now.  There is so much to do, and so little room left in my green bin to things into.  I was able to salvage some of this rich dirt, but the top bits weren't good.

 All swept up now

 A 'before' shot.  With a little help from Storm, this is now all clear too

 A few posts ago I mentioned Storm and the new love of his broom.  Here they are together :D

 Bunny kisses!

After a hard afternoon's work, it's time to relax and guard the escaping worms. That worm did get picked up, and put back into the garden.

It is so fascinating to watch Storm learn and grow.  It has been a fun-filled holiday having him out every day, and he is now confident enough to approach us and flop down in front of us if he wants to be patted.  He even bounded in circles around Phil's feet when he came home from work yesterday.  For a bunny who would get mad at Phil for being anywhere near me to hopping around his feet happily is a big thing!

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