Monday, June 8, 2009

$20 in 20 mins food storage FHE

I stumbled across this idea last night, although I added a few bits in. The game goes like this:-

1. Divide your family up into groups.
2. Head all together to the supermarket.
3. Give each team $20 and instructions that they have 20 mins to buy as many useable food storage items as they can with their $20.
4. Meet back at the checkout in 20 mins with their goods.
5. The team with the most food storage items wins.

You could do $10 in 10 mins. The point is to teach children about food storage and being money wise all in the same short space of time.

Hubby was quite keen on the idea, and we're going to try it next time I have a spare $40 (for two teams).

He added a varation on the idea:
1. Two teams
2. Head to the supermarket
3. Each team has $20 to buy ingredients in 20 mins for dinner that night (or over two nights).
4. They have to cook dinner at home using only the ingredients they just bought.

Just one problem honey, isn't that what I do normally during the day?? ;)

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