Monday, January 10, 2011

Basic Food Storage

These are the suggested amounts per adult for one year.

I'm not suggesting you go out and buy these all in bulk, that would make you a 'siege storer', rather work out what your family would eat and store accordingly. Don't forget to rotate your food storage.

Including wheat, flour, rice, corn, oatmeal and pasta 181kg

Milk, dry
Non-fat, regular, instant or canned (5 cans = .45 kg) 7.5kg

Sugar or honey 29.5kg

Salt 3.5kg

Dripping (1kg = 1 litre) or Vegetable oil 9.5 litres

Legumes 29.5kg
Including pinto beans, navy beans, red beans, spit peas, lentils or soy beans

Water 53 litres

It is impractical for most families to store a year's supply of water. 53 litres per person is a suggested minimum reserve.

The children's percentage of an adult portion of water is: 0-3 years = 50%, 4-6 years = 70%, 7-10 years = 90%.

7.5 kgs of milk provides approximately one glass of milk per day. Children and pregnant or nursing mothers will require more.

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