Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Cookbook for Kids

I work as a music teacher, and from 3:30pm it is mayhem at my place. Well, perhaps not mayhem as my kids are generally in a routine, but I work all the way until 7pm so I really need to sort out dinner during the day.

I enlisted the help of my son. It takes a little bit of time and patience to teach kids to learn how to cook, and there's no way I feel we're even getting close here, but I have taught my son some kitchen skills, and wrote him out his own cook book. I try once a week to let him cook dinner (or finish it off, as is sometimes the case). The recipes are very simple, some adult preparation may be needed beforehand, and anytime something needs to be baked, it is put into a cold oven, then the oven is switched on once the door is closed.

Some of the dishes are not main meals in themselves (one is a cake!) and often require side dishes of vegetables or salad, but they are a confidence booster and a welcome relief when it comes to dinner time.
Unfortunately these blog sites don't allow for PDF documents, otherwise I would happily upload the entire book.

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