Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 13 of the 2011 Food Storage Challenge

No, we're not pill popping this week, we're storing multi-vitamins.

$10 challenge

Store 2 bottles vitamins (100 tablets each bottle)

$20 challenge

Store 4 bottles vitamins (100 tablets each bottle)

We're storing (multivitamins) this week because, depending on the reason you are using your food storage, if you are not getting enough fruit and veggies, you need to supplement the vitamins you would get out of that food. Some people are just not vitamin/tablet lovers and that's fine. Store something else that you would use.

My kids love the chewable raspberry flavoured ones, so that is what I purchase. You would need to use these vitamins up for two reasons: they don't have a super long storage time, and secondly; they are expensive. You don't want these to go to waste.

And just because it's funny: when my daughter was little, she was most upset one day. "Mummy, why do I have to eat mouldy vitamins? Me: "Whaaaaat?" I checked just to make sure. Nope, they were fine. I had to explain to her that they were "Multi" vitamins, meaning lots of vitamins, not "Mouldy" vitamins. LOL!

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