Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Orange/Citrus Cleaner Review

A funnel and a strainer to get every last drop!

I am using my orange peel cleaner, and it is just as great as the stuff you purchase, so I won't be purchasing any more!  I could buy three bottles of vinegar for one bottle of commercial citrus cleaner, and I'm sure it isn't good for my lungs to be breathing in those chemicals.

In fact, my lungs have been much happier with the vinegar/orange peel cleaner, so it's staying.

It doesn't leave a residue.

If you spray it on white tiles in the bathroom and forget to clean it off again, it won't stain the tiles, but it will look like a naughty boy has urinated all over your nice white tiles.  Oops!

The only person not happy with my new cleaner is my son.  He doesn't like the smell of it.

I haven't known him to ever wipe down benches anyway, so tough luck kiddo!

My orange cleaner concentrate back in the vinegar bottle. Two more jars of peels 'marinating'.  The green spray bottle is my diluted half water/half citrus cleaner concentrate ready to go.

I found three weeks was better to leave the citrus peels 'marinating' in the vinegar.  Two weeks doesn't quite develop them enough.  It smells better after three weeks as well.

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