Friday, October 21, 2011

Holiday Hideouts #1 Ballina Island Motor Inn

Recently returned from a trip to the Gold Coast, bringing the lovely sunshine down with us.  We stayed in Ballina on the way up at a lovely place called the Ballina Island Motor Inn.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  I was meaning to race in armed with my camera and take some photos before we brought in all our junk, but that didn't happen.  Apparently the kids wanted to go swimming first, so that took priority.

 We had a spa bath in the bathroom.  After being advised that there was a spa bath in the place we would be staying next in, I decided after everyone else had jumped in, that I would wait until our next destination.  Needless to say, there was NOT a spa bath at our next accommodation.  Note to self: Jump in at every opportunity!

 My 'serious' photo taking face!  This was of the mini bar.  Fridge below, bathroom sink and cupboards to the right and the front door, bathroom entry directly behind me and cupboard opposite the sink.  I thought it odd that they would have a sink outside the bathroom, but it worked.  It's not like we were having to cook there!

 The sink view.  They didn't hand out small bottles of shampoo or conditioner.  They had dispensable wall mounted containers.  I thought that was a great idea.

 One happy child with a bed to himself.  Next to a power point that didn't work.  Very handy when he wanted to plug in his DVD player at night ;D  Meant we all got some sleep instead!

Another child looking rather content.  My children are odd.  Neither of them wanted to actually get under the covers.  They continued this the entire holiday.  Wierd, I tell you!

 Another corner of the room.  Nice and cosy

Someone found another tv in our bedroom and was exhausted from all the driving.  I'll leave him be.  I especially loved the fact that in this Motel, the switch to turn the tv off was on my side of the bed (stage left). No getting up to have to turn everything off.  Always a bonus when you're drop dead tired.

Is this somewhere I would stay again?  Definitely!!!

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