Friday, October 21, 2011

Holiday Hideouts #2 Freshwater Point Resort

This place was just lovely!  It is the Freshwater Point Resort Holiday Apartments. I have stayed there before, but with my in-laws.  This time Hubby and I got to be 'grown ups' and stayed there on our own.  In a big bed.  Without having to move the two single beds together.  I loved it!!

 This is where the kids got to sleep.  Notice their sheets not touched?  They decided to sleep on top of the sheets again.  Strange children! (No idea where they get that from).

 The children's bathroom and the built-in laundry complete with washing machine, dryer, sink and cupboard.  Children's bathroom is equipped with toilet, shower and sink with cupboard underneath.  All tiled.  AND a door!

 One side of the room, with a view of the kitchen and dining area.  I don't think I got a picture of the other side of this room.  Shame, because the views of the giant floor to ceiling windows were amazing.

 A King Size big people's bed.  YAAAAAY!  Check out those amazing views!  We were on the 9th floor.  We could see right out to the mountains.  Was awesome with the clouds rolled in.  We had a fairly large wall-mounted tv in our room.

 The view of the bathroom and built-in wardrobes.  All with mirrored doors.  Note the lack of a door on the en suite.  Keep that in mind...

 A view of the shower and toilet in our en suite.

 Hello!  So I totally should have taken a photo of me pretending to sit on the toilet.  You can see the bed from the toilet via all the mirrors in the place.  Which means you can also see the toilet from the bed. Hmmm...not so attractive, but hey!  My husband has seen me give birth twice.  Nothing to hide here.  We did discover that the trick was to keep the end door of the mirrored cupboard open.  Problem generally solved.  There was the children's bathroom with the door if required.

A nice big, deep bath to relax in.  Which I did.  With the roller blind down thank you very much!  Hubby decided to have a bath in it with the blind open.  Not for my amusement, but to watch tv.  Of course!!

The well equipped and very functional kitchen.  Oh how I loved this kitchen.  It was modern, clean and looks a little cluttered with all my gear on it ready to head back to the car.  This was taken on the last day just before we left.  I wanted to remember this kitchen!

I love that this apartment made me feel like I was in a home away from home.  I usually get homesick being away from my home for any length of time, but I didn't here.  You have to keep it clean yourself - you get charged extra if you leave the place dirty so we left it cleaner than it was when we arrived.  So they'll have me back again!

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