Monday, January 16, 2012

Monitoring Bunny Behaviour

It's a full time job monitoring bunnies.  They can be just as adventurous as  toddlers!  I have to teach Storm where he can and can't dig (they have to be able to dig somewhere...just like toddlers!).

I have to make sure he is not eating things he shouldn't.  I worked out that if I had the end of the hose in a plant pot pointing in his direction, then I walked over to the tap and turned it on, I didn't get blamed for actually hosing Storm, and he would run over and take refuge from the hose at my feet.  Love it!

I had to also check that he didn't have anyway of escaping from the yard.  I'm sure Charcoal would have found a way out, but Storm has a completely different mind and temperament.  He is a little stubborn when he wants to be.

 A good place to dig.

 So he dug.  Clever boy, he worked out that if you dig the dirt into the garden, Mummy Bunny won't have to sweep it all up again from the concrete!

 When Storm is stretched out like this, he is approachable.  I love how they flop out like this.  They do it so quickly, but it means they're at ease around you.  He is still a little wary as he has his front paws under him, but this is still quite relaxed for Storm. 

A very contented bunny.

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