Thursday, January 19, 2012

More cleaning and garden adventures

Somehow my upstairs kitchen ended up a dumping ground for all sorts of things, and I needed to grab some time to sort it out, cull and organise.  Wow, it really does look messy, doesn't it!

 My messy upstairs kitchen

 Some of the 'junk'

 And now there's bench space

 But I still have to leave my food storage on that bench

 I sorted through three boxes full of stuff and filled up the recycle bin :D

 Some whimpy looking carrots I pulled from the garden, but they're still carrots!  It's the first time I have actually been able to grow them, due to Storm not liking them :D  There were about ten of them.

Purple Climbing Beans (and one green one from a different plant) that I picked this morning.  I have also put aside some big ones I left on the vine so I can plant more seeds.

Next on the agenda is to clear off my sewing table!

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