Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Have a Secret...'s in here...

 Let's take a closer look, shall we?


It turns out I have a lot of skin care product.  This is my secret stash of unused products.  The ones I use every day are in the bathroom in a basket with my perfumes and my husband's colognes.  These will make it in there.

I have a lot of Natio stuff, because they have lots of special deals such as "Spend over $35 and get free products".  Since I use their alcohol-free toner, cleanser, facial scrub and intensive moisturiser, I easily spend that much every 3 months.

Other products I have received as a product tester.  You can sign up to do that, but you never know if the products are going to react badly with your skin or are going to be good.  Scary!

Some are gifts that I have been given.  I really do like this stuff!

There are a few hand creams as well, and that's probably a good thing because Phil really likes those!! I have tried buying him his own, but apparently that's not the same thing. ;D

This stash also comes in handy for times when I donate to a local women's shelter.  They require hand/face creams and lip balms, and it's just easier to pull some out of this stash than have to duck out to the shops.  I think it's win-win all 'round.

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