Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My February Garden

It has been raining so much lately that when I went out to look at my garden, all I saw was mud. Perhaps a reflection on my mood this week (I like sunshine but not heat...sunlight keeps the depression away).  Then I had a closer look.  There is beauty...I just had to look for it...

 Like these tiny, delicate rose buds from my climbing rose

 Storm realising that his 'broom friend' was inside, and he begged to be let in to play.  He was told a very firm "NO!".  So he took his frustration out on my unfortunate door mat (he is chewing it...bad bunny!).

 This injured Blue Tongue Lizard decided to scare the living daylights out of us and wait for food right outside our back door.  Its tail has been chewed off and a  hind leg damaged, but it will be safe here.  It has developed a fondness for watermelon, and yesterday was the first day it didn't hiss at me when I placed bite-sized morsels of watermelon in front of it.  It started licking at it before I had even taken my fingers away :D

 My Frangipanni tree is in full bloom.  It smells delightful.

 It's not as much fun when the flowers all fall in the pool...

 and turn into this.  All clean now.

 I found this on my new bean plants.  How could one fat caterpillar...

 do this much damage?  Decimated my plants :(  I hope they spring back quickly.

 I smiled when I saw this.  Somebunny decided to sit their big fat furry behind in my plant pot, just like his Daddy.  I planted some more spring onions in there.  Charcoal demolished my spring onions just before he passed away, and now Storm appears to have developed a liking for them.  Surely spring onions can't be good for bunnies!!??

 My passion fruit vine is loving the rain.  Will we actually get any flowers though?

After a hard days' work, I feel the same way.  Storm flops down very suddenly on his side when he is content.  It freaks me out, because when they have their eyes closed, they look dead.  Notice his ear flopping down?  That's a sign of a very relaxed bunny.

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