Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mini Pizzas - Lunchbox Lunches

I got up nice and early this morning (well, perhaps a little too early - I was wide awake at 4am!!) and decided I was going to make the kids mini pizzas for their lunch.

Complete with dough from scratch.  Well, in the breadmaker, because kneading dough really makes my hands, wrists and arms ache (thanks arthritis and RSI).

This is what they got:-

 Dough rolled out into circles.  Oops, well circular-ish shaped objects!  We did a bit better on the next batches.

 All the things you need to make mini pizzas.  We used tomato paste with some dried herbs and water all mixed together, chopped ham or thinly sliced Danish Salami and mozzarella cheese.

 Ready to go into the oven.

One batch of dough made 16 mini pizzas.

The children got to eat some warm on the way to school (goodness knows why they couldn't eat them at home, but anyways...).

They seem much cuter than giving the children a great big slice of pizza.  My daughter informed me that all her friends will now want one tomorrow.

Dear friends of my Daughter.  Sorry, but I don't think I can wake up at 4am every morning.  I will turn into a grumpy psychopath!

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