Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Family Chores

Recently I have been organising a Saturday chore for the family to do together (or at least for the children and me to do if Phil is out working).

A few weeks ago I decided we were going to have some water fun aka cleaning the garage door and fence near it.

 One of the tools of the trade...a soaking wet sponge.

 While the children were occupied I took the opportunity to do some gardening.

 I don't think Jacki was soaking wet at that stage, but it didn't take long for the children to end up with suds running down their arms, and then the sponges started flying!

 The ground was soaking wet, and so were we!

 The children weren't quite finished with soaking each other...I things, so I moved them to the front porch where they cleaned the bars.  Ahem...

This was 3 hours later and there was still a lot of water around. My camera isn't waterproof, so I didn't get to actually take photos of everybody soaked, but the children definitely loved this project.

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