Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My life just got a little crazier!

I'm sure your life is crazy too.  But I welcomed a new baby into our family 3 weeks ago.  I think I've lost my mind!

There is a ten year age gap between this gorgeous baby and my other daughter.  It has been very helpful to have two older helpers  however goodness knows how I'm going to cope when they go back to school.

I was really hungry yesterday, and thought I'd make some choc chip cookies to grab whenever I needed a quick snack.  The cookies didn't happen - I had a baby that wanted to feed and feed and feed.

So I started on the cookies at 7am this morning. By 11am this is what happened:-

I shared some cookies with my two older kids and a kid's friend who was visiting, and I burnt some.  Hahahah there goes my perfect mum image ;D  Just keeping it real folks!  4 hours has to be my record as the longest time to bake a batch of cookies.  One batch!  I may have made about 18 cookies, but some didn't hover around waiting for their photo moment.

But the baby is asleep :D

I thought about vacuuming my lounge room but there really isn't any point when two older girls are leaving a trail of destruction after themselves.  I'll procrastinate the vacuuming for another day.  I did throw on 2 loads of laundry and hung one out, then did some washing up in the kitchen before the girls got creative and made more washing up.  That means they're not hungry any more though, right? ;D

Okay, so I know this lounge room might look tidy to some.  There is still Lego on that floor and ANY Lego on the floor is painful to step on!

Anyone got any burnt cookie or Lego walking on stories they want to share?

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