Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feel like taking the kids fruit picking?

Last year I got the desire to go fruit picking, to show the kids that fruit doesn't come purely off a supermarket shelf - there is a little more work involved than that.

I got the okay from hubby (he was the one who had to do all the driving, so that was only fair), did some research and settled on Pinecrest Orchard in Bilpin. It's a lovely drive there, long for the kids, but lots to see out the windows.

Did we enjoy it? Why yes we did! The kids loved every minute of it, especially being able to choose and pick their own apples. We did end up with a few unripe ones, but as my kids picked them, I was going to pay for them! After the kids took a few bites they realised why we were telling them to pick ripe ones (tee hee).

Here's a little about what Pinecrest Orchard has to say :-
"We have had a great crop of apples and stone fruit but all the fruit is finished for this season with winter fast approaching. Thankyou to all of our customers for supporting us during this season which for us has been one of the best for years. The young pink lady trees started to produce this year and we had enough of most varieties except Fuji which also suffered from the wet February causing a lot of splitting.
From boxing day (Dec.26) 2009 it all starts again with peaches to pick followed by the plums and apples from mid January.
We plan DV to be open Friday to Sunday through to the end of April 2010. . There is no entry charge. Just pay for what you pick. Toilets and picnic facilities available .


Enjoy a day out with your family picking your own fruit, strolling through the fruit trees and appreciating the adjoining Australian bush. If you plan to come in a big group we suggest you ring first so we can plan to maximise your enjoyment. Click on "NEWS" for the latest info.

We also sell homemade Jams including Apricot, nectarine and traditional Plum Jam. The Shed also stocks local honey and nuts (when in season)."

I can't remember exactly how much a kilo their fruit is, but I know it was still cheaper than at the Supermarket. They have buckets there for you to fill and are happy to show you around, how to pick the fruit, what to look for, and any other questions you may have.

We missed the peaches last time, so I'm keeping my eye out ;D

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