Friday, November 26, 2010

Lolly Boxes - Great Christmas Presents to make

To make this lolly box you will need:-

  1. A box/basket
  2. Oasis (grey is better for dry arrangements, but green will work fine for this one).
  3. Assorted lollies (licorice allsorts, candy canes, jelly beans, fruit rings etc)
  4. Wooden skewers
  5. Plastic wrap (cling wrap/glad wrap etc)
  6. Secateurs
  7. Tinsel
  8. Christmas pick

Step 1: Prep your box.

Cut your oasis to fit snugly inside your box. I find it easier to use the box as a 'cookie cutter' and get the size that way.Step 2: Cover the oasis with a little bit of tinsel (to hide the oasis) and put your Christmas pick in the centre.

Step 3: Cut your skewers in half.

Step 4: Lolly time! Make sure you have all your lollies around you as it makes this project much easier (and you have to taste test a couple to ensure your gift recipient isn't getting poisoned lollies!)

Step 5: Cut your glad/cling wrap to size. I use a massive heavy duty roll of cling wrap that lasts me at least 5 years (in the kitchen generally), but any one will do the trick

Step 6: Lolly flowers. To make a 'jelly bean fruit ring flower', you need to skewer 3/4 way through one jelly bean.

Add a fruit ring...

Cover in plastic wrap...

Ta daaaaaaah!

Hint: If you wrap the plastic wrap over the top of the lolly then wind it down the skewer as tightly as you can, it will stay on better. Kind of like florists green tape.  Each lolly you use needs to be wrapped this way.

The end result:

You could wrap the whole thing up in cellophane if you wanted to. I do for ease of transporting it as presents for teachers at school. They look great just as they are, and usually take about 20-30 mins for a box this size.

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