Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charcoal's History

I've had pet rabbits for a long time now, and none of them have been pet shop purchased. The first was a dwarf female named 'Barney'. She was given to my sister's friend by her boyfriend (without consulting her). The friend's parents didn't want a rabbit so my family was asked if we wanted it. She ended up becoming my pet. She was a grumpy thing - grunted, used to run at us, nip our fingers but lick us all over when she realised who we were. She was albino, and they don't see very well. My parents thought it was cruel for her to live in a cage, so they made a 'playpen' in the yard for her, with chicken wire everywhere so she couldn't escape. Sadly, a Tom Cat found his way in and attacked her. She bit his ear off, however received a nasty scratch on her eye and died the next day from shock. She was probably a year old.
The next furry friend was Charcoal. He somehow found his way into my parents back yard and refused to leave. He was so young he had one ear up and one ear down. Quite a comical look for a bunny! At that point he was completely white in colour except for a tiny splodge of grey right on the top of his head, so I named him 'Charcoal'. Not, as my husband thinks, so we could BBQ him!
He was such a beautiful natured bunny, my parents didn't want another cat to get to him, so they asked if I wanted him at my place. He was so adorable and Phil didn't mind so to my place it was!
It has been just over 11 years since then, and he is still a remarkable creature. He is so gentle with my kids, has a very sweet tooth (can smell chocolate a mile away), and somehow managed to get my husband wrapped around his...little front claw?

He has been through a lot through, poor old guy. He has had toddlers trying to sit on him, brushing his fur up the wrong way, endless wet sloppy kisses, being trodden on, people unintentionally poisoning him by feeding him toxic plants (oleander is just as poisonous to bunnies as it is to humans) and having to share his hutch with other bunnies we have rescued.

Despite being taken to the vet to be desexed at 6 months, he still managed to sire a litter with one of my rescued females (oops!).

He is very loved though, and I suspect he knows that :D

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