Monday, January 24, 2011 we go again

Does it seem to you that as soon as you think you have gone through the entire house and outside, it is time to start all over again?

It doesn't seem very long ago that I de-cluttered my bar outside, but it is a magnet for all sorts of things. My husband sees a spare spot and dumps his computer paraphernalia there, my daughter's art and craft material always ends up there, as well as the odd gardening tools and supplies (oops, and a food storage tub). Personally, I think the bar is rather ugly, but I'm in no position to remove it so unfortunately we are stuck with it. Covered over with a very long Christmas table cloth, it comes in handy for large family gatherings.

I have people coming over for a BBQ on Australia Day, and it gave me the extra motivation I needed to clear the bar off (again!).

A mostly clean bar - 3 things left to put away but what an improvement.

What gets you motivated to de-clutter? It is a seasonal instinct? Does having people over motivate you? Does reading or watching other people trigger the de-cluttering bug?

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  1. I declutter constantly! I'm pursuing minimalism and am happy to slowly move in that direction over some years. My new pursuit of stockpiling runs crosswise with minimalism, but both are priorities. As long as I keep food supplies looking VERY tidy and well organised, I can live with it. I just need to find a neat-looking and hopefully budget-priced cabinet for the food storage.