Saturday, April 30, 2011

My subconscious shopping challenge

I say subconscious, because I didn't plan on doing this.  It kind of happened.  I haven't shopped at Aldi, Coles or Woolworths since before Christmas!

I have been relying on things I stored in my cupboards, and topped up anything else I required from my local IGA.  I purchased my meat from my local meat market and my fruit and veggies from my local growers market.

I was getting a little low on some things like flour, sugar, shampoo, hand soap and tissues so did a big grocery shop at Aldi today but could have continued on for a few weeks yet with what I had.  I had to replace lots of things I had used up as well. *Sigh* I realised I missed shopping though.  I do like to 'gather' things ;D

I also bought ahead for the 2011 Food Storage Challenge :D

Just for the fun of it, I read this article.  It had me laughing.  My Aldi is pretty subdued compared to this article, and I like to browse (especially as I hadn't been for 4 months and there were lots of new products).  I did have a lady come up to me and tell me that caffeine was bad for my bones after she asked me to check the label on something for her.  Interesting...I didn't even have a caffeine-loaded product in my trolley at all!

How long do you think you could rely on your food storage/pantry?

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  1. I get stressed at Aldi trying to bag my purchases... I'd rather the self-service check out.