Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 30 of the 2011 Food Storage Challenge

$10 Challenge
Store 2 large cans of tuna

$20 Challenge
Store 4 large cans of tuna

Yes folks, we are storing more tuna.  This is the last of it though, I promise!

We actually go through a lot of tuna in my household, even though my husband doesn't particularly like the stuff.  My children and I would quite happily eat tuna mornay a few nights a week and my son definitely loves the small tins of flavoured tuna with crackers.

To digress, because we are so tuna'd out already...

I realised today I am very glad I am doing this food storage challenge.  My husband (and in no way am I bagging him out...but it dawned on me today) that he very much lives in the here and now.  Sadly he has very little concept of meal planning and shopping on a budget.

He wanted to know why we didn't have any garlic bulbs in the cupboard with the onions today.  Well...because I don't cook with them, and he only does about twice a year.  Why would I purchase something that we wouldn't use and would have to be thrown out?  His answer "Well, because I like garlic and would like to use it sometimes".

My compromise: I will purchase him a tube of garlic and keep it in the freezer for such occasions. 

He had a similar whinge about basil about this time last year (our basil died off over Winter).  I had managed to freeze some and they came in handy today.  Deary me *puts on a Texas accent* It seems I have some educatin' to do!

So it is my job to organise the family food storage, ensure we have enough resources to get us through difficult times.  It does make sense to me.  I am the better spouse at Home Management, and he is the better spouse at providing (money-wise).  Yes, I have worked full time and he has been a stay-home Dad so we could 'cover' each other if we needed to, but I'm happy with the 'roles' that we have.  They work to our strengths.

But I will seriously donk him over the head with that frozen tube of garlic if I purchase it and he can't find it in the freezer (right in front of his nose)!
And then I can get him this T-shirt :D  (It's a line from Star Trek, folks).

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