Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bunny Hutch Re-arranging

I love my bunnies, really I do, but they can be a great bit hassle.  Especially when it comes to little rodents trying to share their food.

I have had pet mice before, and I didn't like them much.  I really don't like wild mice either.  Not because I am scared of them, but they're a nuisance, they're really fast so you can't whack them with a broom (yes, I tried), and they're smelly.

I found the perfect spot for my two most unsociable bunnies (they like each other, not people!), or so I thought.  They were getting a little morning sun, were on a patch of dirt that had next to no nutrients in it  and are a little messy. I thought putting these two bunnies on top of this horrible 'dirt' would be able to improve the soil in the long term.

It didn't take long for mouse tracks to be visible, then some great big burrows.  Eek!

I had to move these bunnies today as high as they could go.  On top of Storm's hutch.

He isn't very pleased.  He can smell them, and he doesn't like them one bit.

Storm (down the bottom) was wondering what I was doing, and why, if I was outside, wasn't I patting him!

The girl bunnies on the other hand, don't mind having more boys next to them.  They don't like mice either, and are forever stuffing newspaper in all the nooks and crannies to keep the mice out.

I have put mouse baits out everywhere now, so there is going to be a bad 'dead' smell happening in about a week or so.  Gross!

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