Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cake Pops. What ARE they exactly?

I think they're an American-ish sort of a thing.  We have cupcakes here, and mini muffins, but I'm hearing more and more people talking about making cake pops.

What are they?

I like to bake, these things can't be that hard to make, surely?

I did a search.  This site has a crafty Mum who loves to make all things miniature cakey:

She made these:-

Isn't Lorelei clever!!

Apparently there are cake pop makers, just like donut or cupcake makers.  I have a mini donut maker, but I consider my oven and muffin moulds to be my cupcake maker.  I can't imagine using one of these things to make cake pops though?

Cake pop maker

So it looks to me like there are two different ways of making these:-

1. Make up a cake batter and use the cake pop maker to bake the cakes into a mini circle.  They're 'stickable' once they have cooled (insert stick), then dip into coating.

2. You have a pre-made cake, cool it, crumble it up and mix a little liquid or icing, then form into balls, stick with a skewer, cool again and dip or cover with whatever you like.

I've made mini Christmas puddings complete with icing.  These may frustrate me more.  At least the puddings don't have to balance on a stick!

However I do have a son obsessed with Lego.  I think these may be just the thing to cheer him up on his next birthday ;D

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  1. Your Lego pops are great. They look like the members of U2 (plus a roadie). :)