Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sunrise in Port Macquarie

 5:40am, a few minutes prior to sunrise

 Would this make a good spot to view the sunrise?  Nope, a little further along the beach...

 And then it started to rain.  Oh no!

 So we headed up to the Lighthouse.  In this photo you can see how choppy the waves are and the remains of Cyclone Grant on the horizon.

 More choppy wave views.  My husband informed me that the ocean is usually calm at sunrise, and that the choppy waves were a result of the Cyclone.  Mother Nature likes to stir things up and remind us of how insignificant we are!

 A feathered friend was interested in our car.  We thought we wouldn't be able to see the sunrise due to the cloud cover, but we started to see something interesting in the sky about this point.

 Hello Sun! (just before something weird happened to my camera :( )

 Camera sorted itself out after about 30 seconds.  Was that caused by a solar flare?  Who knows.  More of the sun!

My favourite picture of the morning.

...and then the sun seemed to rise above the clouds and disappeared for a few hours.

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