Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Clean Up

Spring is well and truly over, so I can't call it a 'Spring' clean, but I'm going through my kitchen(s) and tossing out some things I haven't used in a while.  I'm scrubbing drawers and cupboards as I go too.

 I removed the remaining candy canes from the Christmas Tree.  There are fruit jellies attached to those, and they are absolutely scrumptious!  I purchased the children's school supplies already.  Woot, love the fact that it's done.  I decided to finally take the child locks off some drawers and cupboards. The rest were already put in the tool box in case they're ever needed again.  I doubt it though!

 Washing up cutlery storage holders.  I'm amazed how dirty these things get!  They only get clean cutlery put in them!!

A view of my storage containers on top of my downstairs kitchen cupboards.  I have one full of candles and torches, one with picnicware (plastic plates, cups and cutlery), one with rice, one with pasta, sugar and pasta sauce, and one full of sandwich spreads.

I keep some foil containers in sight in case I need to drop a meal off to a friend (after a baby has been born, sickness, operations etc).

I also have my giant electric frypan - thanks to my Dad who I'm sure was hinting that he'd like a million grandchildren.  It certainly comes in handy for pikelets and hamburger patties!  I have my indoor grill too that always sets off the fire alarm  :D

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