Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It all happens at Sunrise

Phil had to go back to work this morning, so just after he left, I got up and started my day.  The sun hadn't risen yet, so I pattered around quietly, trying hard not to wake the children.  Sometimes it's just better when they're fast asleep, and out of the way ;D It was already warm at 5:45am, so I knew we were in for a scorcher of a day.  I wandered around and planned what I should do today.  But first, I paused to look at the flowers :D

A Magnolia in a pot near the pool that I have been told numerous times would never, ever flower.  Yet here are the most beautiful scented blossoms.  It is the first time this magnolia had flowered.  I think it was a young bush when I got it.

 Some noisy Galahs in my pine tree in the front yard.  They annoy the gardeners no end, because they chew off the pine nuts, and leave them all over the ground, just like messy children.  They seem to laugh about it too!

 Chewing pine nuts

My Frangipanni Tree beginning to flower.  I pruned this tree back about a month ago, so it wouldn't overhand the carport any more.  Good thing I did, although it provides lovely shade over the pool, and smells delightful when it blossoms.

 I got rid of a lot of excess plastic bags I had stashed away for some unknown reason, and came across these books I got from my parents 10 years ago.  They have been in my 'meaning to read' pile, but I haven't gotten there yet.  Methinks it's time to look through my recipe books!

 The Ices and Cold Desserts books is by Margaret Fulton.  Check out her gorgeous photo!

A potato box that Phil made for me a few years ago.  Most of it is done.  I had to lacquer it.  He gave up on the lid.  Maybe someday... ;D

I finished putting away the last of the Christmas decorations this morning (except for the lights...it's way too hot to get those down today!).  This Nativity Set was from Avon about 8-9 years ago.  I think it's adorable.  Apparently it was available to consultants only, but a friend of mine at work was a consultant, I placed an order and she asked if I'd like one of these at consultant price ($10).  I jumped at that!

Now to finish the vacuuming.  There was no point doing it before while the tinsel was still out.  At least, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it ;D

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